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July 11th-14th @ Texas Mastercraft


Wakeboard Camp AtSasser Wakeboard School

June 23rd-26th


Who: All Wakeboarders who want to getexpert coaching to progress their riding.

What: Four days of wakeboarding instructionusing the boat and 2.0 on cable on Texas MasterCraft’s private lake.

When:  June 23rd -26th

Where: Texas MasterCraft’s Private Lake-2177 East Loop 820 N. Fort Worth, TX 76118

Why: Wakeboarding is so easy and fun whenyou have the correct technique.  With theright coaching you will be getting the rush of landing new tricks all Summer!

Wakeboardcamp is for every wakeboarder!  No matterwhether you are a first timer or a veteran rider, Sasser Wakeboard School willhelp you progress to the next level! Wakeboard camp offers the water time you need to perform enoughrepetitions to retain your new skills. Riders start out their day with a boat set to allow the coaches toevaluate each rider’s skills and set goals for the day.  After goals are established, students work ontheir new skills on the 2.0 cable. Riders end their day with a boat set to try and land their new tricks. 

A key toolin the Sasser Wakeboard School camp is the Sesitec 2.0 cable.  The 2.0 cable offers students a series ofstepping stones to learn the fundamentals of a trick before attempting thetrick behind the boat.  For example,learning a 360 behind the boat used to mean a lot of painful falls from notbeing practiced in the skill of passing the handle.  The 2.0 cable allows students to practice the360 handle pass first at a slow speed on the surface of the water, second on amellow incline box, third on an intermediate kicker, and lastly behind theboat.  This incremental approach buildsconfidence, muscle memory, and has allowed many riders to land 360s behind theboat on their first try!  This approachworks for learning all kinds of new tricks! 360s are just the beginning!


How To Sign Up


  1. Visit wakeboardinglessons.com

  2. Scroll to “Wakeboard Boat & CableCamps”

  3. Select From The Available Camp Dates

  4. Scroll To The Bottom Of The Page AndSelect “Purchase Class”

  5. Create A User Profile If you Do NotAlready Have One

  6. Proceed With The Checkout